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5 Jaar Stan Van Samang: Oh I wish they had invited elephants instead…

Usually I just let them be, those die hards. But a few weeks ago one of them decided to start running about with her ridiculously huge lens instead of sitting in her chair like she should be. (I was working with my 50mm, so you can imagine what it looked like) She walked in front of my lens and ruined what could have been my best picture. As you can imagine I was quite angry. Respect is very important when shooting concerts, photographers run in front of each others lenses from time to time. Yes, it happens. A frontstage can be very small so it isn’t always easy, but we respect each other and we often wait until the other photographer has finished shooting before passing by. This concert was amazing for us photographers. We had no frontstage, we were allowed to stand, sit or even lay down wherever we felt like. (and believe me, some of us DID lay down) So basically, what I’m trying to say here is that even an elephant could have passed me without ruining my picture. She wasn’t even supposed to be there, buying yourself a pretty camera and a huge lens does not make you a photographer but a camera-owner. It just makes you look ridiculous to be honest. So here you go, because unfortunately there were no elephants but only die hards invited to the concert,
my second best picture. (I still think it looks great though)


  1. 08/01/2012

    Great shot!

  2. 29/12/2011

    That’s a brilliant image – lighting and composition are excellent! I love how you captured the energy of the concert. Bravo!

  3. 23/12/2011

    Great capture Laura, and thanks so much for stopping by my blog :) Merry Christmas!

  4. 08/12/2011

    Your stage photo is very beautiful and exciting!! I’d like to see the picture of the girl with a huge lens.

    • 08/12/2011

      Thank you :D I haven’t seen her pictures of this concert, but a few months ago she made some pictures at a concert I was shooting – just broad daylight, no spots – and literally none of her pictures was sharp. So I don’t think her pictures of this concert are very impressive as this was a low-light situation. (: (I have to say, I would like to see them myself, I think it would be quite amusing… and a bit frustrating) Thanks for visiting! x Laura Abigail

  5. 08/12/2011

    W A U W. Prachtige foto!

  6. 07/12/2011

    Love the light and colors in this shot, it really feels and looks very dynamic, great shot!

  7. 07/12/2011

    Well captured, I like the spotlight light also.

  8. 07/12/2011

    Hello Laura,

    I do not know or to comment on one of your works, large thank you for the visit on my portfolio.

    Thank you and good day with you.

  9. 07/12/2011

    awesome result in not easy light conditions, Laura, really compliments for this interesting and wonderful photo!!!

    • 08/12/2011

      Thank you :D It was quite dark indeed.

  10. 22/11/2011

    In other words, size is not all that matters! :) Good one, Laura. I can imagine the thrill this was for you, once you had a clear shot! You can be proud of this.

    • 06/12/2011

      Oh no, size doesn’t matter at all. In fact, my 50mm is my favourite lens,
      even though it really looks ridiculous at times.
      It’s great, that feeling of having “the perfect shot”,
      so having that groupie there was quite frustrating.
      (It wasn’t just me complaining about her, other photographers had the same “problem”)
      Oh well, better luck next time :)

  11. 21/11/2011

    Wat een prachtige foto… Helemaal niet gemakkelijk om zoiets te doen ! Proficiat.
    Ik wens je nog een fijne avond :)

  12. Viola

    ** A wild groupie appears **